[[Name]] Pattern

To make a new pattern, make a copy of the part below the line and fill in the sections; do not edit this page, as it would mess up WordPress’ internal naming

Add your new pattern to the Pattern Language section and the index on the About page; set its parent to the right place in the pattern language hierarchy

Remember to do a “post” to record your changes (always, but especially when you add a pattern)

If you change the structure of the pattern, include what you changed and why in the post — don’t do this casually, because all the other patterns will have to be updated


[[Short paragraph summarizing what the pattern is for]]


[[Background information, for example the community of practice that uses the pattern, or the level of the pattern, or some particular sensitivity such as involvement of human subjects]]


[[Full explanation of the pattern]]


[[When they’re short, embed them inline.  When they’re longer or more diffuse, refer to a paper in the examples section and identify where in the paper to find the example — for example, “first half of section 4.3” or “distributed through the paper, especially a, b, c”]]

Design Guidance

[[Advice on using the pattern correctly, This is the place to include references to guidelines or manuals on specific research methods.]]

Patterns Used

[[other patterns that are used to realize this pattern, including explanation of the roles they play — special attention to the case where one out of a class of similar patterns should be used]]

Patterns Used By

[[patterns that use this one — would be nice to generate this automatically]]

Indicators for Use

[[circumstances that should favor use of this pattern]]

Contraindicators for Use

[[or perhaps anti-patterns — circumstances where this pattern should not be used, or indications that it’s being used badly]]

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