Papers that Provide Examples to Support Patterns

These are the papers that provide the raw material for the pattern language — the examples on which the patterns are based.  Each entry should have not only a citation and link to the paper, but also a note identifying the type of paper, the patterns that refer to it as an example, and some representation of how the patterns map onto the text of the paper.

Michaela Greiler, Arie van Deursen, Margaret-Anne Storey. Test Confessions: A Study of Testing Practices for Plug-In Systems. ICSE-12.

This is an empirical study, specifically an exploratory study using grounded theory.  Here is an organization map of the paper [[which needs to be revised to match the next draft of the empirical study pattern]]. The overall architecture uses the Empirical study pattern for its architecture and the [[grounded theory pattern]] for its method.

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